All you, the client, have to do is recline in the comfortable chair, choose whether or not to wear the headphones provided (see below), follow the simple instructions given by the hypnotherapist and relax into the process. The more you allow yourself to relax, the more comfortable you will become and the more beneficial the therapy will be.

Once relaxed, you will probably become so comfortable that, although you remain aware of your surroundings, you become quite indifferent to them, can't be bothered to register them. You may also feel that time seems to pass differently, often very quickly.

Some clients will have perfect recall for everything said during trance, whilst others will remember certain parts only - a bit like trying to recall a dream. But, regardless of whether every word is remembered or not, the benefits to you will be the same.

Clients sometimes worry about whether they'll be able to 'wake up' after hypnotherapy. Fear not. Hypnosis is not a sleep-like state so at no point will you actually be asleep. Hypnosis creates a calm, pleasant feeling, similar to daydreaming, in which the conscious part of the mind is relaxed and awareness of the unconscious mind heightened. Some people feel lethargic, others quite light, but, however hypnosis is experienced, people are always aware of what is happening to them, so they retain absolute control at all times.

You will retain complete control throughout the process.

control within hypnosis, hypnotherapy process

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