I went into my first session with an open mind and was immediately impressed with how easy it was to achieve deep relaxation.
S W, London

My fear of public speaking used to cause me to literally "freeze", and was damaging both professionally and personally. Thanks to Echelon Associates, hypnotherapy has changed all that in a way I (and my colleagues) could ever have imagined. I can now speak confidently to small and larger audiences and I still use the techniques that Chris
has taught me today. From my initial skepticism about how well it would work for me, I can't recommend hypnotherapy highly enough; it has been a wholly positive and productive experience.
Claire Newton

I have used the (confidence) anchoring technique on an almost daily basis and it has had fantastic results. It allows me to feel more confident and calm and able to cope when I find myself in awkward situations.
A H, Oxfordshire

Before I went to see Chris I had a huge problem with a lack of confidence and it was preventing me from living a full and happy life, Chris made me feel welcome and at ease right from our very first meeting, she is a skilled hypnotherapist with a warm and compassionate manner and the whole experience has had a huge positive impact on my life, so many things have changed for the better, i will always be grateful for my sessions with Chris.
L C, Oxfordshire

Having looked at Christine’s website & reading all the information given I knew it was written by someone totally genuine & committed to improving the quality of people’s lives. My problem, motorway driving & driving in heavy traffic, after 3 sessions I was able to drive to Yorkshire using the motorway network, as you can image after years of struggling with this and my confidence taking a big knock it was like gaining a new lease of life.

How was this achieved? Largely due to the skills that Christine has, her non-judgemental attitude, the empathy, humour & understanding she offers. Christine really takes the time to get to understand the root of the problem and not just offer assistance in masking the issue. Then offers techniques to overcome the difficult situations. Although when you offer Christine a compliment it’s refused very modestly with the reply “it was you that did it”

Anyone that has a phobia or anxiety should very strongly consider calling Christine, I know this sounds corny but, it can seriously change your life!

Thank you Christine
Dave, Oxfordshire

Having spent much of my life with an uncontrollable anger (sometimes resulting in physical violence) and trying to control it with medication and counselling, all with little success, I decided to try hypnotherapy.

I came across an advert from Echelon Associates in the local press, and thereby met Christine.

Since then my life has been completely turned around. She has taught me how I can retake full control of me, rediscovering who I am, how I work and react and what I can do.

And it really works!!!

The Real Derek M has no hesitation in recommending Echelon Associates, and cannot thank Christine enough for all her help in my achievement.
Derek, Oxfordshire

I went to see Chris with problems relating to a lack of confidence, and found her to be extremely professional and effective. Her voice is wonderful. I came away from the first session feeling really good about myself and I would recommend her to anyone.
Jo Corfield

During time spent with Chris I was struck by the complete attention she gives and the huge empathy she shows, the combination of which leave one feeling safe and reasssured. She has solved some enormous problems for me which I had feared were insurmountable. This has without doubt changed my life for the better. Further proof (as if proof were needed) of the power of hypnosis in the hands of such a skilled and compassionate practitioner.
Catherine Johnson

When I first came to see Chris, I had difficulties getting in touch with my emotions, had strained family relations, and had serious trouble with getting to sleep at night. After a few sessions in the relaxing atmosphere of her therapy room, I now fall asleep as soon as I go to bed, have been able to really patch things up with my family, and have become much more at ease with my feelings. If you suffer from any of these issues, I'd highly recommend you get in touch with Echelon Associates.
K T, Oxfordshire

My experience of hypnotherapy was great as in my sessions I could pinpoint my exact fear of flying and learn to accept them and move on. I also learnt some very useful techniques to help me if the fear ever arises again and i came away feeling extremely relaxed and more confident each time that my fear of flying was slowly melting away.
Sophie Wisker

I have always, to my recollection, had a fear of heights and during regression I discovered where the fear stems from and also how to tackle it. Since then I have also been to Austria and went up the mountains in a gondola without any fear whatsoever.
S L, Oxfordshire

Things were so difficult because I blushed at everything. I just don't need to do that anymore.
N D, Oxfordshire

It's truly remarkable how spending such a short time with someone can really change your life. Christine Woolfenden is more than an hypnotherapist, she's a remarkable person with so much warmth, openness and honesty which encourages such positivity, peace and calm. With Christine, hypnotherapy is a pleasure, nothing fearful, you are in control, their is total respect of feeling and it really works too. Christine has given me courage and belief where anxiety once took control. Moreover she has given me the courage to take responsibility for my life, with all of these tools life is incomparably better!!
Lynn Wyatt-Buchan

I enquired about hypnotherpy because I was still in a long period of work stress and generally feeling low and useless.I felt hopeful from the beginning even though there was no particular reason why it should work, but it was worth a go. Once I had my initial meeting and my programme was explained to me, I had every reason to believe that it would be successful,which I can now say it was. I now believe in myself and my confidence grows everyday, especially at work.
Clive Mundy

I would like everyone to know what an incredibly positive impact Chris Woolfenden has had on my life. After just a few weeks of Hypnosis i had come to terms with many issues and felt like I had got to know myself a little better and had even come to like myself. I came to Chris as a last hope and incredibly she changed my life. There is something very special about Chris's style and approach and in particular she has a gentle ness, perceptiveness and understanding which combine to get great results...thank you Chris.
Sally Edwards

I am so grateful to Chris for her time and understanding when I came to her in the summer. I can't think of words to explain quite how much of a difference those few hours spent relaxing in her lovely chair have made to me and to my family. From the moment I arrived she made me feel relaxed, comfortable and secure which in turn gave me confidence to openly talk about my reasons for visiting her and made her treatment very effective. The positive thoughts and sense of calm I have experienced since my sessions have been remarkable and I have gone on to achieve many things which I was starting to accept were not going to be possible any more.
L S, Oxfordshire

It will probably be hard for anyone reading this to imagine what an empowering and liberating experience it was for me to have hypnotherapy with Chris. I contacted Chris when I had reached rock bottom with my arachnophobia. People who have never had a phobia will think ‘scared of spiders? Big deal! You just need a pep talk!’

But let me explain what it was like: Try to imagine a grown, intelligent woman reduced to tears at the sight of a spider. A woman who felt unsafe in her own home. A woman who was scared of hoovering or getting rid of cobwebs because that might disturb the spiders and bring them out. A woman who was having nightmares about spiders. A woman who, felt like she was frozen to her seat, just because a little boy went past her with a toy spider.

That was me.

Knowing deep down that it was a stupid phobia and completely irrational, did not help. It made me feel stupid , helpless and out of control.

It was at this point that I contacted Chris, after looking at her website. Right from the start, she was calm and reassuring. We had 7 sessions in total. The whole world and all its cares disappear when you walk through the door and it’s just you and her tackling this problem. She gives you home work, and you have to do it for the therapy to be beneficial. She worked with me, teaching me skills, guiding me through this difficult journey. At the end of it, she had a generosity of spirit to say that it was all down to my efforts and that i had achieved this cure. The truth is, I would not have had a hope of getting through this without her help.

I now have a little spider that lives in my bathroom, called Jimmy. I have watched the whole of ‘Charlottes web’, a film about a spider that I could not watch earlier. I have watched a 5 minute documentary about spiders. The thought of putting a spider in a glass does not make my heart race. And I have been able to remove small spiders using a piece of paper. This may not seem like a lot to some people, but to me it is amazing. And the knock on effect if that I feel more confident and am a calmer, happier person than I was in the autumn.

Hypnotherapy itself: I was a bit apprehensive at first of losing control. But you can totally trust Chris. Hypnosis is very relaxing and calming, but also helps you to see yourself and the world in a different way: it opens up possibilities.

For anyone who wants a hypnotherapist who will guide and help you through problems in a sympathetic, calm, reassuring way and leave you feeling a lot better about yourself and the world, I would throughly recommend Chris.
Chaam Klinger

I went to Chris’s house because I was nervous at riding. Chris helped me by talking about what scared me and mine and my pony’s trust with me.

When I went to her house we talked a bit about me and my pony and what was wrong. After that she put on some really relaxing music and sent me into deep relaxation with her gentle voice. It took about half an hour. (This client had 5 sessions in total.)

It has really helped me and I feel a lot better thanks to Chris. Now I am on my way to being my old self!
C B, aged 13, Oxfordshire

I went to see Chris to see if she could help me with a couple of things that were troubling me. I was very shy and lacked confidence, and following a few sessions with Chris I felt quite different about myself - positive, confident and excited about my future. The techniques she taught me, help me every day. I found it very easy to speak to Chris about my problems - it felt like she understood me and that’s what I needed.
Charlotte G, aged 11, Oxfordshire

A huge thank you to Chris for her patience and understanding and for taking me on the journey to discover the 'real' me. She has untangled my crossed wires and set me free on a path of confidence and optimism. I would recommend anyone who is looking for help to contact Christine. I can't thank her enough for the difference her help and teaching has made to my life.
R M, Oxfordshire

I came to Chris because I was scared at night and could not get to sleep and this had gone on for some time. Chris helped me and gave me many techniques to help me relax. At first I was quite shy and nervous, but then I realised that Chris was a lovely person and I was able to tell her everything. Because of this she was more able to help me. Now I can sleep in my own room like nothing had ever happened.
Nina-Marit Hancocks, aged 11, Oxfordshire

1st Impressions count and 1st impressions of Christine at Echelon Associates are of a kind, calm, caring unhurried professional.

Talking the newcomer to hypnotherapy carefully through the processes involved, explaining carefully and patiently what is planned, what is hoped to be achieved and what the individual can do to assist with and continue the process, those 1st impressions are reinforced as the course continues.

Each course is carefully tailored to suit the individual and each session within the course is planned and fully explained. The process can only be described as very relaxing, revealing and yes, very enjoyable.

If the newcomer to hypnotherapy has any qualms or concerns, these are quickly quashed by Christine. There is no magic mumbo-jumbo, no waving of gold watches in front of the eyes, none of the tricks and illusions seen by us all on television hypnotist game shows.

As a man in my late forties with (in my opinion!) a fairly stressful job, I found that I was developing a great deal of trouble “leaving the job behind” in the evenings and at weekends. This was resulting in sleep deprivation, constant anxiety and, in my opinion, rising blood pressure. Having been in the construction industry since a teenager, I had witnessed “burn out” in older colleagues on many occasions. I did not want this to happen to me. Visits to the GP & 24 hour blood pressure monitoring indicated “acceptable” blood pressure at night but raised levels during the day – typical stress induced hypertension for which drugs are available. Not wanting drugs, I decided on any non-interventional course and wondered if hypnotherapy would assist. Christine made no promises of magical cure, but designed a course over a number of weeks during which we addressed the issue of the working environment and its impact on domestic life and health; the work / life balance. Christine used hypnotherapy to instil really practical relaxation techniques that can be used privately at any time. Further techniques are also employed to positively leave work behind at the end of the day and to mentally shift gear from work to domestic life. In absolute truthfulness the night after my 1st meeting with Christine resulted in the 1st night of full sleep that I had enjoyed in many, many months. The relaxation techniques are coupled with a CD which can be used at night to aid drifting off to sleep. In my experience, so effective is the CD (which I still use) that in the many, many times that I have listened to it with ear phones last thing at night, I have rarely heard the end.

At the end of the course, Christine reminded that the techniques learned have to be practiced, not unlike a musical instrument to improve the skills and effectiveness. One skill, in particular, which enables the mind to instantly leave a stressful situation and go to a place of peace and tranquillity I can now use at will, even in a business meeting for just a few moments. No one else knows I am doing it and I can come back at any time.

I now enjoy a full night’s sleep almost every night. Insomnia can seriously affect a relationship, and although my wife never actually complained about my tossing & turning and late night reading of paperbacks, she now tells me that Christine deserves a medal. I still have fluctuating blood pressure, however the lower relaxation readings are far lower than they used to be resulting in an average blood pressure much lower than previously.

The whole experience of a course with Christine reinforces those 1st impressions and leaves one in a far more confident and relaxed state of mind, reinforced by knowing that the calm professional friend is there for further consultations as and when required.

Where do I start… being a smoker for 40 odd years and tried every method to try and stop to no avail, however I decided a few months ago to seek out a hypnotherapist and after much research I came across Christine Woolfenden, following our first telephone conversation I knew instinctively that I had found someone who could finally help. Well my instinct was right ‘I am not a smoker’ and cannot ever remember what it was like to be a smoker. Chris is totally genuine & committed and has opened my mind to live a healthier happy life, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this incredible lady.
 Y H, Oxfordshire

Thank you once again for all your help and support, i walked into our first session quite sceptical, unsure if hypnosis really was for me - or if i could even be hypnotized! You made me feel so comfortable & relaxed and after our first couple of sessions i could feel the difference, how much more confident i felt, how i would always try to look at the positives in any problem. You never rushed me but allowed me to do things when i felt ready to do so, and helped me to face my issues full on, learn how to turn them into something positive and helped me to find the good in myself, and not to always focus on the bad, which has given me so much confidence :)
SN, Oxfordshire

Chris helped me overcome the most difficult time of my life. I needed to find ways of dealing with my divorce and a number of other traumatic experiences that had happened to me simultaneously. By guiding me through a process of self-understanding and giving me techniques to help me improve, Chris’s help was not only well-grounded but practical too. I use the technique for self-hypnosis now on my own and I find it really helps me.  
SR, Nottingham

I went to see Christine out of desperation having suffered a complete breakdown at work, being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and having had nearly 2 years of getting nowhere.

Christine is an extremely understanding, patient and competent hypnotherapist and has quite literally helped me to rebuild my life piece by piece.

For the first time, I am able to better understand why I ended up in the place I did, reflect in a positiveway on some of the experiences over the last couple of years and start to look forward with a degree of anticipation.
SH, Buckinghamshire

I undertook a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Chris during 2012 to help me regain my confidence in my professional life following a series of setbacks, and personally following a fairly traumatic relationship breakup. The results have been pretty dramatic.

Building trust is key to a therapy of any kind working – particularly one such as hypnotherapy where many of us don’t really know what to expect! Chris soon put me at my ease, and after a very positive consultation we were able to create a plan together: in fact, the whole process was cooperative and flexible from start to finish – one thing I’ve really learned is that hypnotherapy with Chris isn’t something that’s done ‘to’ you, it’s something you do together. It makes the end result even more satisfying.

My family noticed the difference almost immediately – after just the first couple of sessions, they said that I suddenly seemed very much more focused and ‘together’ as a person. Very early in the process, Chris and I worked on an ‘anchor’ which I could use to help calm myself in stressful situations - of which there were many at that time! – which provided an immediate help. I still use that whenever I face a difficult task or a challenging situation, and it works wonders. From there, week by week, we resolved the other issues, taking things flexibly and reshaping the plan as and when things changed.

As the therapy moved on, I moved into handling a product launch which I was tasked with project managing. This was something that might have intimidated me previously, but this time, almost as if by magic, things came together. Thanks to the work Chris and I did together, the anxiety that had clouded my judgment in similar situations before was still there, but no longer in control of me, and I found I could use it to my advantage. I was able to launch the product as successfully as I could have, and gained some great experience and a strong portfolio as a result.

Not everything in my life is sorted out yet, but I'm working on it from a far stronger position, and have a much better toolkit to get things moving as we move into a new year. I’ve got new hobbies and friends outside work – and expect to have still more – and will probably look for a new role soon, this time from a much stronger footing, and with a much greater confidence in what I’m capable of handling. I no longer catastrophise about situations; I now know that I will and can cope. That really is down to the work Chris and I did together. Thanks Chris!
DA, Oxfordshire

I decided to try hypnotherapy following a negative experience in public and chose Chris based on her qualifications, the high quality of the information on her website and because she looked like a warm, empathetic person in her photograph. Although I didn't really know what to expect the hypnotherapy induced levels of relaxation that I had never before experienced and the strategies we worked on together completely reversed the effects of my negative experience. Most of all, Chris is a wonderful person to talk to. Professional, experienced, human and caring. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.
CO, Oxfordshire

When your life reaches fever pitch, you can't switch off or make decisions, it is time to do something about rather than just switch between coping strategies.

Christine's wonderful help means that I am calm for the first time in a long time. I can sleep properly, deal with things and not let my world turn me upside down.

The personal reflection has also enabled me to abandon unwanted anxieties and really focus on what makes me a better me. I now know how to both switch off or focus, which has hugely helped work and personal life.

I understand myself so very well and I am thinking clearly about the future. It is a revelation.
Businessman, Oxfordshire

My anxiety felt like such a heavy burden before I went to see Chris, and I felt it held me back from living a full life. Unable to use public transport, drive on motorways for fear of traffic jams etc. my life felt limited. But after working with Chris I am so much happier, I have since used the trains and I feel so much more confident driving. I am able to sing along in the car and simply forget to even worry! It’s given me such confidence and I cannot recommend Chris enough.
TB, Oxfordshire

Having had a successful career, which involved a lot of presentations and public speaking, at a late stage in my professional life, I suddenly found I was overcome by panic attacks and unable to make a presentation even to the smallest audience.

I was encouraged to contact Christine, who I was told would be able to help. I reluctantly went to the first meeting a cynic and a sceptic. How wrong I was ! Christine was totally down to earth, practical, focused and reassuring. In a very short time she had identified the root cause of the problem, which was far more deep seated than I was prepared to acknowledge. Over the course of several weeks, she provided me with the necessary tools and insights to confront my fear of public speaking and much more.

Christine is not only very professional in all her interactions, but both kind and perceptive. I would encourage anybody with similar issues to seek Christine’s support; you won't be disappointed.
JH, Oxfordshire

I contacted Chris concerning my lack of self-belief and self-confidence about a year ago. I immediately knew I'd made a good choice, Chris put me at my ease and I found it very easy to talk to her; I found every session thought-provoking and beneficial. A year later I can say that the experience didn't change me, but I now know it didn't need to. The sessions provided me with the ability to view myself in a much more positive and forgiving light; I know my relationships, both with myself and those around me have improved as a result. I am a much happier person now and I would definitely recommend working with Chris.

I waited because, having experienced what turned out to be a short-term fix previously, I wanted to know whether the changes were for the long-term. If anything, as time has gone by, the changes have become more and more profound.
PJ, Oxfordshire

I would highly recommend Chris. She is a warm, caring, compassionate and reassuring person, totally professional at all times.

During my sessions I felt safe, relaxed and listened to, but never judged.

Chris has enabled me to move forward positively and confidently with my life, and given me the skills to maintain this for the future.
MC, Oxfordshire

Before I met Christine, I had come to accept that my anxiety, over-thinking and lack of confidence were an innate part of me. It wasn’t until I met Christine that I finally understood that I didn’t have to be defined by these issues, and that I wasn’t born that way, I had simply learned to feel that way. Realising that I could ‘un-learn’ these ways of thinking was completely eye opening. I cannot speak highly enough of Christine; not only is she incredibly skilled as a therapist, she is also empathetic, non-judgemental and extremely kind. I genuinely felt as if she could solve anything! With time, I realised that rather than Christine solving my worries and anxieties, she had equipped me to deal with and confront them myself in a calm and natural way. Christine is a very special, talented person and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
CS, Oxfordshire

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