Feeling worthless and inadequate?

Highly self-critical? Afraid to try anything new?

Most of us want to be liked by others; but knowledge of and acceptance of ourselves is a more important need. How we think and feel about ourselves is a crucial part of our identity and influences the many choices we make in life including our careers, friendships and relationships.

Often our lives are unnecessarily constrained by overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. But low self-esteem is not a characteristic we are born with; these limiting beliefs develop as a result of life experiences and our responses to them. Given a determination to change, low self-esteem can be enduringly transformed with self-esteem hypnotherapy.

Self-esteem hypnosis is becoming an increasingly popular form of treatment that swiftly and effectively increases feelings of self-worth. This dynamic process helps the individual to understand the source of their feelings, to recognise and challenge self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, to identify and develop inner strengths and abilities, and encourages the authentic self to emerge.

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