Pain can be useful; more often than not it’s nature’s way of highlighting that something related to the body needs attention. So we seek medical expertise to investigate and, hopefully, remedy the cause of the pain.

High levels of on-going pain with no specific organic cause, however, tend to serve little if any beneficial purpose and can leave the sufferer exhausted, frustrated and hopeless – feeling out of control and utterly defeated, perhaps even leaning towards some form of substance dependency to help get through the day or ease sleep difficulties.

Research suggests that a person who takes an active role in their recovery from pain is more likely to return to normal functioning more quickly than a person who remains passive in the recovery process.

One way in which a person can take control of their return to health is by actively selecting the professional help most suited to their individual needs.

Pain management hypnotherapy identifies pain as more than just a physical experience, having many psychological elements to it. Our experiences of pain are, after all, the result of brain interpretation of a physical sensation. Just as pain influences our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and sense of physical health, so our actions, patterns of thought and state of emotional and physical well-being also influence our experiences of pain. A negative mindset can often increase sensations of pain and even prolong recovery.

Furthermore, our minds are complex and multi-layered: sensations of pain tend to be heightened by an over-awareness of the discomfort, uncertainty surrounding current strength of the injured part, memories of past pain and anticipation of future/continuing pain.

Pain management hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly recognised as an invaluable means of relieving people’s experiences of pain. It is a safe, non-addictive and, above all, effective form of treatment that is practised throughout the world.

Pain management hypnotherapy does not aim to eliminate pain completely. It takes a holistic, goal-directed approach to pain reduction, empowering the individual to reclaim active control of their body and mind and create and maintain the best physical/psychological conditions for optimum recovery.
Amongst other things pain management hypnotherapy will focus on: 

  • diverting attention away from the pain
  • modifying the negative influence of anxieties surrounding memories of past pain and anticipation of future/continuing pain
  • creating the best emotional conditions for best healing potential (positive thinking, acceptance of and adjustment to the pain)
  • (influenced by medical diagnosis) instilling a sense of appropriate confidence in the capacity of the injured area
  • directly boosting self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief
  • directly encouraging commitment to diet and exercise plans as devised by physiotherapist/nutritionist/ GP
  • direct suggestion, instruction in deep relaxation and creative visualisation, visualising free movement (exercising the virtual body) to boost the body’s natural healing capacity and so speed up the healing process.
    • Despite all the above advantages, it is important to understand that pain management hypnotherapy cannot:

      • make a medical diagnosis
      • provide a realistic prognosis
      • prescribe pain-killing drugs
      • devise exercise regimes for physical rehabilitation
      • provide hands-on relief through physical massage

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