Children can and do benefit enormously from hypnotherapy, as long as they perceive there is a problem that they wish to have solved. However, because hypnosis requires people to focus their attention for relatively prolonged periods of time, it tends not to be suitable for children under seven years of age.

Please note: parental consent is required for all clients under the age of 18. Furthermore, for your peace of mind and ours, a parent /guardian must accompany all children under 16.

Also: because children tend to be able to concentrate for shorter periods of time than adults, a child's initial consultation lasts for 90 minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting an hour. During the initial consultation, depending on the wishes of the child, the parent/guardian can remain within the therapy room for the duration of the session. For subsequent sessions, however, the accompanying adult typically sits in an adjacent room (but, again, only if the child feels comfortable with this arrangement).

"I went to Chris’s house because I was nervous at riding. Chris helped me by talking about what scared me and mine and my pony’s trust with me. When I went to her house we talked a bit about me and my pony and what was wrong. After that she put on some really relaxing music and sent me into deep relaxation with her gentle voice. It took about half an hour. (This client had 5 sessions in total.)  It has really helped me and I feel a lot better thanks to Chris. Now I am on my way to being my old self!"
C B, aged 12, Oxfordshire

"I went to see Chris to see if she could help me with a couple of things that were troubling me. I was very shy and lacked confidence, and following a few sessions with Chris I felt quite different about myself - positive, confident and excited about my future. The techniques she taught me, help me every day. I found it very easy to speak to Chris about my problems - it felt like she understood me and that’s what I needed."
Charlotte G, aged 11, Oxfordshire

"I came to Chris because I was scared at night and could not get to sleep and this had gone on for some time. Chris helped me and gave me many techniques to help me relax. At first I was quite shy and nervous, but then I realised that Chris was a lovely person and I was able to tell her everything. Because of this she was more able to help me. Now I can sleep in my own room like nothing had ever happened."
Nina-Marit Hancocks, aged 11, Oxfordshire

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