Being “at cause” is living life from the position of having personal power and authority. It’s about taking control, making choices, causing things to happen and accepting full responsibility for the outcome.

Central to living “at cause” is the belief “I can”. You believe yourself to be the creator of what happens in your life, learning from any mistakes made and choosing your own end result.


On the other side of the equation, living “at effect” means having things happen to you/being a victim of circumstance, always looking outside of yourself for someone/something external to blame. People who live “at effect” typically experience feelings of fear, powerlessness and helplessness.

Living with the “at effect” mind set is about believing “I can’t”. And, when you see yourself as being helpless in a situation, you automatically filter out all the possible ways in which you could take control and create something different, because you simply don’t see that there are alternative opportunities. Thus, the fact that “you can’t” becomes true, further reinforcing your belief that you really can’t.

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