Is anger getting in the way of your health and happiness?

Anger is a basic, natural emotion that we all experience on a regular basis. However, anger can become problematic when it is experienced to an extent that is out of proportion to the situation.

Typically, intense anger leads either to loss of control and out bursts of aggressive behaviour, or to the internalisation of the strong emotion, both of which harm us and other people, causing problems in relationships, the family, at work and with friends. Anger can destroy lives.

Anger is often associated with men, however, today, women are just as likely to experience it as their male counterparts.

When faced with the same situation, some people will feel angry and others will not. Some will display their anger, in a variety of ways, while others will internalise their anger and keep it to themselves. So, what are the many causes of anger?

  • facing a threat, perceived or real
  • we project our own reality/personal values and principles/personal boundaries onto others. Anger is triggered when someone goes against what we consider important and we take their actions/words/behaviour personally
  • a desire to control others
  • low self-esteem
  • psycho-social conditioning – the way that our parents/guardians behaved when they became angry can influence how we deal with anger throughout our lives
  • projection of our own unresolved issues from the past onto present situations
  • pressure/stress/responsibility
  • our needs are not being met; we don’t feel listened to
  • experiencing an injustice/feeling that someone has deliberately wronged us (road rage is a prime example of this)
  • traumatic past experiences such as abuse or bullying
  • feeling powerless/helpless
    • Anger that is experienced over a long time is linked to overall poor health. Habitual outbursts of aggression can have far reaching personal physical implications and have been linked to a weakened immune system, back pain, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, hypertension and digestive problems to name but a few. But, the bottling up of anger is equally dangerous to long-term health and can lead to self-harm, depression, anxiety and substance abuse/dependency.

      Although we may be born with certain pre-dispositions, our responses to anger-inducing trigger situations develop over time and gradually become automatic, habitual responses. Because our reactions to anger are learned habits, they can be changed if so desired.

      Hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of treatment for those individuals who are committed to managing their anger more effectively, empowering people to take ownership and control of their feelings. Echelon Associates offers a holistic Anger Management Hypnotherapy treatment programme. This dynamic process helps identify and address the root causes of individual responses to anger to build understanding, attain self-knowledge, self-belief and self-acceptance, whilst also uncovering and developing the individual’s true strengths and abilities.

      At Echelon Associates, we apply simple therapeutic techniques not only to re-evaluate and de-sensitise past experiences that are interfering with the present, but also to re-programme the mind and body to develop the means to deal more positively/constructively/assertively/empathetically with specific trigger situations. Strategies are taught to relax the body and calm the mind, enabling a person to choose how to respond to certain situations as they arise. Self-defeating thoughts and beliefs are identified and challenged, confidence in the present built, and understanding of future success both established and cemented.

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